Our pre-built forms are fully customisable, and because of the way we've built our platform, these changes can be made extremely quickly.


Loved by Assessors!

One thing we hear time again is how much assessors in the field love our App. We've worked hard to ensure that the App is sufficiently structured, whilst giving the assessor the freedom to say what they want to say.


Centralised Data

With GoPAD all of your data is accessible directly from our portal, with powerful features to manage compliance in one place.


Easy Revisions

Our revision features make it extremely quick and simple to re-visit a premises to update a report. When a report is revised, the previous copy is automatically archived and the latest version sent straight to an assessor in the field.


Task Ownership

By assigning reports and tasks to individual users, it's clear to see who is accountable for managing risk across your team. And with changes automatically tracked, you can check who did what, and when.


Quality Assurance

Our simple but powerful QA facility gives you control over which reports need prior approval, who can approve reports, and who can access reports before they've been approved. And all QA changes are automatically logged.