Built by fire professionals for fire professionals


Compliance. Simplified.

GoPAD is a complete system for conducting and managing Fire Risk Assessments.

Widely used in anywhere from blocks of flats to shops, sheltered accommodation and hospitals.

Mobile Data Collection

The GoPAD App enables you to complete compliance assessments in the field using your iPad or iPhone.

Compliance in the Cloud

Assessments are uploaded straight to our web portal, where you can view data, create reports and manage action plans.

Built-In Tasks

With hundreds of built-in tasks, you can build Action Plans quickly and consistently.


Almost every aspect of our pre-built forms can be quickly and easily modified to suit your exact needs.


Our web portal combines a dynamic dashboard, giving an overview of your data, with detailed and centralised reporting.

Quick to Deploy

Using our proven forms, your team can be up and running with GoPAD within hours.

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GoPAD Mobile App

The GoPAD App has been specially designed to allow you to capture data quickly and accurately using a mobile device.

All of our forms include:

  • Question sets developed by industry experts
  • Conditional logic, hiding inapplicable questions
  • Unlimited comments and photos
  • Hundreds of built-in tasks to choose from
  • Off-line data collection - no signal required


GoPAD Web Portal

Our web portal automatically collects and stores completed reports, enabling you to view your data on the internet, without the need for specialist software.

But the web portal is more than just a simple storage system. Features include:

  • Create bespoke PDF reports in one click
  • View audits and action plans
  • Assign tasks to people in your organisation
  • Update the progress of tasks
  • Export 100% of your data to Excel


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