Who We Are

We are a team of software developers and fire safety experts, including Chartered Fire Engineers and Chartered Surveyors. Some of our team began in the early 2000s working for the fire brigade and later moved on to conducting fire risk assessments. We started off writing our reports by hand then, frustrated with how laborious this process was, we created a basic form on word processing software. As our small business grew, we were finding it incredibly cumbersome to change specifics on our forms and capture extra data such as photos and we were still completing it by hand! We were frustratingly spending long evening hours compiling, formatting, editing and printing our reports and posting them to our clients.

Like a lot of our industry, this just wasn't working for us and that's when we created an app to solve our problems. The app was able to allow forms specific to types of premises, data was captured a lot more easily, colours were able to highlight important points and, most importantly, the report was fully complete by the time we left any premises! We more than halved how long it took to complete a fire risk assessment and were able to present the report to our clients quicker and better presented.

And so, GoPAD was created! Over our 10 years of using GoPAD we've added features such as photo capture but we've also built a full system where we can now manage all our reports, our clients and track and update tasks. Having first developed the software for our own internal use, we found that our system was so popular that we would let other people use it. GoPAD is now used by dozens of organisations with over one thousand individual users - from single consultants to multi-national companies. We're proud of the really great feedback we've had about GoPAD. It has being positively scrutinised by regulators and third parties, and some of our fire consultant customers have successfully become registered on the IFE Register of Fire Risk Assessors using GoPAD alone.