The Tasks page collects all of the tasks from all of your reports, and presents them in one central place. Simply clicking on the Tasks menu item will show you all of the tasks across your entire company. Alternatively, selecting on one of the drop down options, the tasks for just a single form-type can be shown.

The Tasks page is split into three main areas - Filters, Update Values, and a Data Table.


The filters section is hidden by default, but can be expanded by clicking on the 'Filters' link. This will expand the various filters which can be used to refine which tasks are displayed on the data table.

Update Values (optional)

Depending on your company set-up, and your own individual user role, you may see an Update Values below the filters section. This allows you to update the values of task in bulk, without having to edit each task individually.

Data Table

The data table presents the list of tasks. The tasks can be sorted by clicking on the headings on the top of the table.

To view an individual task in more detail, click on any of the green text and this will open the task within its parent report.

Excel Export

In addition to the three main areas of the tasks page, there is also an Excel icon in the top right hand corner of the data table.

Clicking on this icon will generate an Excel file (well, as .csv file to be exact) of tasks, as you've got them filtered on the page.