Each sub section is laid out intuitively and follows a consistent format across the whole template.

- Questions

- Comments

- Photos

- Tasks

Conditional Questions

Many questions throughout the sub sections are conditional questions. This means that the form responds to the answers that are entered and will only show you relevant fields as dependent upon those answers. This helps to reduce clutter on your reports and greatly assists in accurately completing the data collection.

Comments & Quicktext

Comments are a place to add 'nice to know' information that allows you to add supplementary information. For example, you might want to add a comment to detail why you selected a particular answer to a question.

One of the powerful features of GoPAD is Quicktext which allows you to populate texts fields with pre-written text so that you don't have to write out large amounts of the same text each time you complete a report. You can easily select multiple Quicktext and insert them in the text area in seconds. The Quicktext can be created within a report but the creation and management of Quicktext is largely done on the Portal under Settings. See here for more on Quicktext management


Photos can be added to complement your report. You can either add a photo by using your device's camera or upload a photo from your Photo library (you will need to allow the app permission to access both of these) Once you select a photo, you can tap markup and add text, highlight or amend your photo as necessary.


If you identify something that will require an action from the Building Owner/Responsible person etc this is where you must add it. The tasks create a special section in the final report under an 'Action Plan' and it will only be populated by the entry of tasks within the tasks section. Be careful that you don't add a task to the comments fields as this will not display on the Action Plan. You can find out more about Tasks here