The purpose of the Reports Window is to show you all of the reports currently on your device for a particular template. These may be reports that you’ve started on your device, or reports that have been downloaded from the GoPAD Portal.


The Reports Window is divided into three parts:

Top menu bar

The top menu bar contains two buttons. Pressing the Back button (top left hand corner) will take you back to the Form View. Pressing the + button (top right hand corner) will open a new report.

Bottom menu bar

The bottom menu bar has one button (bottom left hand corner) which switches from the default list of reports to a Map View. This Map View displays reports based on where they were first created.

Report list

The report list displays all of the reports that are on your device for a particular template. To open a report, just press on the report that you want to open. (Note that the summary information displayed for each report is customizable, and may therefore differ to that shown.)

To the right of each report is an icon, which represents the status of each report.