The status of each report is indicated by an icon on the Reports Window

App Version  
Up to 2.45 2.46+  


The report is currently being edited and will not be uploaded to the GoPAD Portal when you next sync your device.


The report has been completed and is ready sync. Next time you sync your device, the report will be uploaded to the GoPAD Portal. You can only get this icon by pressing the Done button and ensuring that all mandatory fields have been completed.


The reprot has been uploaded to the GoPAD Portal. Although you will still be open uploaded reports, you will not be able to edit them. Also, you will not be able to re-download the same report until the uploaded copy has been deleted from your device.


The report has been downloaded from the GoPAD Portal.


The report was downloaded to your device, but has since been unassigned from you.


Something has gone wrong during the sync process. Please contact support!