The Form Window is the first screen you seen when you open the GoPAD app. This can be thought of as the top-level window of the app structure.

The purpose of the Form Window is to show you what Forms (or templates) you have available in order to collect data. The window is divided into two main areas – top menu bar and form list.

Top menu bar

The top menu bar contains two buttons – Account & Sync. The Account button (top left hand corner) opens the Account Window. The Sync button (top right hand corner) initiates a sync between the App and Portal and is the usual method for syncing.

Form list

The form view displays each of the forms that you have access to in order to collect data.

Pressing on one of these forms will take you to the next level of the App – the Reports Window.

Note - if you don’t have any reports on your device for that particular form, then the app will skip the Reports Window and take you straight to the Data Window.